Best Interest - Prom Girl tab

Best Interest
Prom Girl
Failing Retina
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I dedicate this song to Avril Lavigne because this is how I describe her. I love her!!!

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G#5 - 466xxx
Bb5 - x133xx
C5 -  x355xx
C#5 - x466xx
F5 -  133xxx
Eb -  x688xx


Guitar 1: Watch the timing of palm mute and distortion G#5 Bb5 C5 C#5e|----|------------|B|----|------------|G|----|----3--5--6-|D|-6--|-6--3--5--6-|A|-6--|-6--1--3--4-|E|-4--|-4----------| x2 x2
Gutiar 2:e|----------------------------------------|B|--------4-----------4-----------4-----4-|G|--6-5-----6-5-6-5-----6-5-6-5-----6-5---|D|------6-----------6-----------6---------| (x4)A|----------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------|
Verse 1: G#5 Bb5 C5 She's standing there with her perfect hair C# G#5 I'd ask her to dance Make such a romance Bb5 C5 Lofting I turn i'm heading her way C#5 each step that I take brings closer to fate (Repeat 2nd part of Intro twice) Verse 2: G#5 Bb5 C5 Build up the courage to go say hello C#5 G#5 She looks me in the eye and flatly says no Bb5 C5 Rejected I run outside for some punch C#5 Put on my headphones and listen to punk Interlude 1: Beat switches from 3/4 to 4/4
Guitar 1:G#5-Bb5-F5-----|Eb5e|-------------|B|-------------|G|----3-----8--|D|-6--3--3--8--| (x2)A|-6--1--3--6--|E|-4-----1-----|
Guitar 2: Watch the timing of palm mute and distortione|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------------------|B|---------2---1---|---------2---1---|---------2---1---|----------------------------|G|-1-1-1-1---1---1-|-3-3-3-3---3---3-|-----------------|-----3------3------3------1-|D|-----------------|-----------------|-3-3-3-3---3---3-|-1-1----1-1----1-1----1-1---| (x2)A|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------------------| x2 x2 x2
Bridge: G#5 Bb5 F5 Just as I feel like I want to leave C#5 this really nice girl walks right up to me G#5 Bb5 F5 Her stunning red dress and her black converse on C#5 She says dont worry and takes me by the arm Interlude 3:
Guitar 1:G#5-Bb5-F5-----|Eb5e|-------------|B|-------------|G|----3-----8--|D|-6--3--3--8--| (x2)A|-6--1--3--6--|E|-4-----1-----|
Guitar 2:e|-------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|------------------|B|-----2p1-2p1-2p1-1-|-----2p1-2p1-2p1-2p1-1-|-----2p1-2p1-2p1-2p1-1-|------------------|G|-1-1---------------|-3-3-------------------|-----------------------|-----3--3--3--3p1-|D|-------------------|-----------------------|-3-3-------------------|-1-1--------------| (x2)A|-------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|------------------|E|-------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|------------------|
Outro: G#5 Bb5 F5 Prom isn't so bad afterall C#5 starting that night I met my punk rock prom girl (repeat) G#5-Bb5-F5-C#5 (x4) while palm muting end on G#5
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