Beth Amsel - Callous chords

I'm sorry the placement of the chords are a little off in the tab. I couldn't get 
them to line up exactly right.

Capo: 5

GI should have been careless, I should have been callous
Cunderneath the street lamp's sodium glare
GI should have been thorough, I should have pushed you back your stubborn heart
Cand left you once and forever there
Embut I kissed you
D/F# GI smiled as I said goodbye
Emand I meant what I said
C Dthis is a rough road you wed
GI'm sitting here in Dallas, in a dive in Texas
Cwith an ache like a forearm for the spoon
GI am peeling back the labels, I'm spinning empty bottles on the bar
Clonely litters the room
Emand I miss you
D/F# Geven more than you warned I would
Emthis is a bitch of a test
C Dthis is my white flag at best
(no guitar on album Em) step up, be brave, lay down you guard give in an inch, give up your heart
Em Ajust imagine how it'll feel if I let you take me home
Cjust imagine waking up sorry and alone
Dwith my head upon your chest
Cwith my hand across my mouth
D Cthere are things in life I swore that I could live and do without
D Dbut I swear that was before you found me
GI couldn't be careless, I couldn't be callous
Con the night of our fourth of July
GI couldn't be thorough, I couldn't push you back your stubborn heart
Cunderneath the roman candle light
Emnow I miss you
D/F# Geven more though I swore I never could
Emthis is a bitch of a test
C this is my white flag at best
D/F# Gof all the pretty places that I've been
Emhoney none compare to you
C DI am sorry through and through oooh aaah
C DOoh aah aaah aah aah
A C D G Oooh oh ooh and if you'll have me I am coming home to you.
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