Beth Croft – For Us chords

Great song, you probably have heard it either at SoulSurvivor, or on their live 
album from 2011. Brilliant, simple worship song. For the Beth Croft version, play 
with Capo 2. For a male vocal, I would try Capo 4.

YouTube link: (Capo 2 - Beth Croft)

E Esus4 E Esus4

Verse 1
E Esus4 E*In you we find mercy and grace
C#m7We are Overwhelmed, cannot comprehend
A2Fathom your great love, love so undeserved
EThat is for us
Verse 2 In you we find peace for our lives We are satisfied Hoping in this truth God is in our heart You'll lead us as we are You are for us Pre-Chorus
A2 C#m7Your love it burns so fierce for us
E Bsus4Your love conquered death on a cross
EOur God is for us
C#m7Our God is with us
Bsus4Your promises are sure
A2In you we are secure
EOur God is for us
VERSE 3 In you we find hope for a world We are crying out To see your kingdom come Following your ways And all of heaven says You are for us God Bless, RyCly_
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