Beth Nielsen Chapman – Dancer To The Drum tab

From: (Stephen Mabry)6-18-02

"Dancer to the drum" by Beth Nielson Chapman

From: "You hold the key" Album

Intro: G   G

Fast asleep in the dawn of ages
     C              G
The soul of every child
      D                    Em
Has waited to be born a stranger
                G                    D
Underneath the drum of his mothers heart
Lying deep in a dream of darkness
       C              G
Where fear has never gone
       D                  Em
Each spark of a life is started
           G            D       C
Blind and pure to the world we come
           G            D       G
Blind and pure to the world we come
Refrain        D            G
Each of us a dancer to the drum
               D            C   riff 1
Each of us a dancer to the drum
 G         D        G
Blind and pure we come
One is born into a life of hunger
               C                    G
One will be a king or a rich man's son
          D                    Em
One will kill out of greed or anger
                   G                D
One will give his life for another one
There are lies  in the smiles of innocence
            C                      G
There are blooms in the walls of stone
And we will seek ourselves
        C          G                        Em
In the eyes of everyone .....we have ever known
Everyone we have ever known
          D          C                     G
And the heart, the heart will ever be a witness
       Em      C                    G
And precious time, no treasure is worth
          D          C                     Em
And the child, the child will carry our existence
  C               G            D        G
     Through the days that we have on earth

solo: dulcimer, G      C   D   C   G D C   G D G
               D            G
Each of us a dancer to the drum
               D            C
Each of us a dancer to the drum
  G         D       G
Blind and pure we come
       G (Hold)
Fast asleep in the dawn of ages
The soul of every child
       D                   C     riff 2
Has waited to be born a stranger
         D              G    G    G    (G) 1 strum
Born a dancer, to the drum

Notes: Play riff 1 & 2 over chords h=harmonic ()=drone s=slide v=vibrato C can be played as C9, G as GaddDRiff 1E---------------------------------|B--------3--3------------12H------|G--------0---------------12H------|D-----2---------------------------|A--3------------------------------|E---------------------------------|
Riff 2
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