Bethel Music – Forever chords ver. 2

Bethel Music & Brian Johnson
Key of A

Verse 1
A EThe moon and stars they wept
F#m The morning sun was dead
DThe Savior of the world was fallen
A EHis body on the cross
F#mHis blood poured out for us
DThe weight of every curse upon Him
Instrumental A E Bm D Verse 2
A EOne final breath He gave
F#mAs heaven looked away
DThe Son of God was laid in darkness
A EA battle in the grave
F#mThe war on death was waged
DThe power of hell forever broken
Verse 3
A EThe ground began to shake
F#mThe stone was rolled away
DHis perfect love could not be overcome
A ENow death where is your sting?
F#mOur resurrected King
DHas rendered you defeated
A EAnd now forever He is glorified
F#m DForever He is lifted high
A EForever He is risen
F#m DHe is alive, He is alive
A EWe sing hallelujah
F#mWe sing hallelujah
DWe sing hallelujah
AThe Lamb has overcome
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