Bethel Music – We Dance chords

Intro: Db Gb 

Verse 1
Db You steady me
Slow and sweet,
Db/F Gbwe sway
Take the lead and I will follow
Db Finally ready now
To close my eyes and
Db/F Gbjust believe
AbThat You won’t lead me where You don’t go
Bbm AbWhen my faith gets tired
GbAnd my hope seems lost
Bbm Ab You spin me round and round
GbAnd remind me of that song
GbmThe one You wrote for me
Chorus 1st – Db Gb
Db Db/F Gb AbAnd we dance 2nd – x2
Gbm Ab Gb Ab/CAnd we dance Last-
Verse 2
Db And I’ve been told
Db/F GbTo pick up my sword and fight for love
AbLittle did I know that Love had won for me
Bbm Here in Your arms
Ab Db/FYou still my heart again
Gb AbAnd I breath You in like I've never breathed 'till now
Bbm Ab Gb Db Ab/CAnd I will lock eyes with the One who's ransomed me
Bbm Ab Gb Db Ab/CThe One who gave me joy for mourning
Bbm Ab Gb Db Ab/COh I will lock eyes with the one who's chosen me
Bbm Ab Gb Db Ab/CThe One who set my feet to dancing
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