Bette Midler – Ukulele Lady chords

These chords are for a ukulele but will work on ANY instrument (but the song 
sounds best on a ukulele ^^)

[F]I saw the splendor [C7] of the [F] moonlight
On Hono[Db7]lu[C7]lu [F] Bay
There something tender [C7] in the [F] moonlight
On Hono[Db7]lu[C7]lu [F] Bay

[Dm] And all the beaches are full of peaches
[Am] Who bring their 'ukes' along
[F] And in the glimmer of the moonlight
They love to [G7] sing this [C7] song


If [F] you [Am] like-a [Dm] Ukulele [C7] Lady
[F] Ukulele [Am] Lady like-a you [Dm] [F]
If [Gm] you [C7] like to linger [Gm] where it's [C7] shady
[Gm] Ukulele [C7] Lady linger [F] too
If you [Am] kiss a [Dm] Ukulele [C7] Lady
[F] While you promise [Am] ever to be [Dm] true [F]
And [Gm] she [C7] see an [Gm] other Uk [C7] ulele
[Gm] Lady fool a [C7] round with [F] you

[Bb] Maybe she'll sigh
[F] Maybe she'll cry
[G7] Maybe she'll find somebody else
[C] Bye and [C7] bye

To [F] sing [Am] to [Dm] When it's cool and [C7] shady
[F] Where the tricky [Am] Wicki Wackies [Dm] woo [F]
If [Gm] you [C7] like a [Gm] Ukulele [C7] Lady[Gm] Ukulele Lady like a [F] you
Verse 2: [F] She used to sing [C7] to me by [F] moonlight On Hono [Db7] lu [C7] lu [F] Bay Fond mem'rys cling to [C7] me by [F] moonlight Although I'm [Db7] far [C7] a [F]way [Dm] Someday I'm going where eyes are glowing [Am] And lips are made to kiss [F] To see somebody in the moonlight And hear the [G7]song I [C7] miss Chorus
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