Bettie Serveert – Ray Ray Rain tab

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Date: Sat, 03 Jun 1995 18:05:53 -0500 (CDT)
From: Jonathan Gilana 
Subject: TAB: "Ray Ray Rain" by Bettie Serveert

"Ray Ray Rain" by Bettie Serveert
Transcribed by Jonathan Gilana
June 3, 1995

Gtr. 1 (clean tone)
Gtr. 2 (slightly distorted)

/=slide up
\=slide down
/\/\/\=vibrato(use whammy bar)

Verse 1:

Gtr. 1 (during Cadd9 chord, periodically go from E to D on the D string)
  Moving   on   a    pale   moonlight

Gtr. 2 (riff A)e----------------------------------------------|B----------3----------------3------------------|G--------------0--0------------0--0------------|D------2----------------2----------------------|A---3----------------3-------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
Gtr. 1 (during G chord, periodically go from B to A on the A string) G Staring at the tail lights of the
Gtr. 2 (riff A-cont'd)e----------10--------10----8--7\---------------|B--------------8-------------------------------|G-------9---------9----------------------------|D----------------------------------------------|A---10-----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
Gtr. 1 Cadd9 Truck that rips the road apart
Gtr. 2 (riff A-cont'd)e----------------------------------------------|B----------3----------------3------------------|G--------------0--0------------0--0------------|D------2----------------2----------------------|A---3----------------3-------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
Gtr. 1 G Cadd9 G In front of m - e
Gtr. 2 (riff A-cont'd)e----------------10----------------------------|B----------8---------8-------------------------|G-------9-----9--------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------|A---10-----------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
Verse 2: Gtr. 2 (plays riff A throughout verse) Gtr. 1 Cadd9 I watch your right hand shifting gear G Wondering what I'm doing here Cadd9 Cause both our minds G Cadd9 G Are occupied by memo - ries Solo:
Gtr.2 (let ring)e----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------------------|G---/11--9--11/12----12/14--12--14/16----12h14/16-------------12h14/16-------|D--------------------------------------------------10-------------------9\---|A----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Gtr. 1: Cadd9 G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G Verse 3: Gtr. 2 (plays riff A throughout verse) Gtr. 1 Cadd9 Like a forest in my eye G Are the pillars of the sky Cadd9 As I picture you G Cadd9 G And call it your peroga - tive Verse 4: Gtr. 2 (plays riff A throughout verse) Gtr. 1 Cadd9 Time and time again it seems G We're always somewhere in between Cadd9 And that's the truth G Cadd9 G It's in the way we li - ve Chorus: Gtr. 2 (arpeggiate the chords-mess with the 1st 3 strings) Gtr. 1 D Ray, ray, rain C If you feel the same G F Give me a si - gn C Cmaj7 C We're running out of time
Gtr. 2 (let ring) /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\e---x--0--2--3--2--0--x--0--2------x--0--2--3--2--0--3--0--2------|B---3--------3--------3-----3------3--------3--------3-----3------|G---2--------2--------2-----2------2--------2--------2-----2------|D---0--------0--------0-----0------0--------0--------0-----0------|A---0-----------------0------------0-----------------0------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Gtr. 1 D Verse 5: Gtr. 2 (plays riff A throughout verse) Gtr. 1 Cadd9 Spiders, snakes, and lizard heads G Tell the tale that we'll all be dead Cadd9 And don't you know G Cadd9 G In my fanta - sies Verse 6: Gtr. 2 (plays riff A throughout verse) Gtr. 1 Cadd9 Fading on the tender neath(?) G What we are is what we breathe Cadd9 Insultingly G Cadd9 G With your jealous ha - te(?) Chorus: Gtr. 2 (arpeggiate the chords) Gtr. 1 D Ray, ray, rain C If you feel the same G F Give me a si - gn C Cmaj7 C Give me a sign D Ray, ray, rain C So you feel the same G It's written in that F C D I can't wait another day Gtr. 1 only G5 F5 And no it's not okay C Cmaj7 C Explain yourself and say G5 F5 C Cmaj7 C Now no one ever said that life was fair G(barre) C At six times in a row G(barre) C The winner starts to go G F C Cmaj7 C Walking up and down the builder's square(?) G(barre) C Right down from the start G(barre) C And right down from the heart G F C Cmaj7 C Finding words that no one thought were there Chorus: Gtr. 2 (arpeggiate the chords) Gtr. 1 D Ray, ray, rain C If you feel the same G F Give me a si - gn C Cmaj7 C Give me a sign D Ray, ray, rain C So you feel the same G It's written in that F C I can't wait another day
Gtr. 2 (let ring) /\/\/\e---x--0--2--3--2--0--x--0--x------x--0--2---------------------------------|B---3--------3--------3-----3------3---------------------------------------|G---2--------2--------2-----2------2---------------------------------------|D---0--------0--------0-----0------0--------------------2----0----0--------|A---0-----------------0------------0--------0--3--2--0---------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Gtr. 1 D Chords Used: G Cadd9 Cmaj7 G(barre) oo x o x ooo IIIIII IIIIII IIIIII *III** - 3 I*IIII II*III II*III III*II *III** I*II** I*IIII I**III F5 G5 D C F xxx xxx xxo x o o *IIIII *IIIII - 3 IIIIII IIII*I *III** IIIIII IIIIII III*I* II*III III*II I**III I**III IIII*I I*IIII I**III x=not played o=open Bass Line:
Moving on a pale moonlightG----------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------|A---3--2--0--0--3--3--2--0---0-----------------|E----------------------------------------------|
Staring at the tail lights of theG----------------------------------------------|D---5---5---5/12---12---10---9\----------------|A----------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
Truck that rips the road apartG----------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------|A---2--2--0--0--3--3--2--0---0-----------------|E----------------------------------------------|
In front of meG----------------------------------------------|D---5---5---5--0--5---5--0---------------------|A----------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
Ray, ray, rain, if you feel the sameG---7----9----11--12--11--9---12---11--9------|D---------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------|
give me a sign, we're running out of timeG---5--7--5--4--2--0--------------------------------|D---------------------3--2--0-----------------------|A------------------------------3--2--0-----0--2-----|E---------------------------------------3-----------|
The rest basically follows the root note of the chord *sorry, these lyrics may not be totally correct
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