Beulah – Fooled With The Wrong Guy tab

Fooled With the Wrong Guy
Yoko (2005)

Standard tuning

E   (022100)
G#m (466444)
C#m (x46654)
F#m (244222)
Am  (x02210)


E|---------------------------------------|B|----0---0~-0---------------------------|G|--1---1---1----1---1~-1----------------|D|-------------4---4---4---2~-----2------|A|---------------------------2/4----4-2~-|E|---------------------------------------| x2
Verse 1: E G#m C#m How did you get so big? F#m Did you eat too much? Am Didja bite off more than you could chew? E G#m C#m So Hollywood, F#m Ridin' with the stars Am All the regulars know E G#m C#m Just who you are F#m I've got the biggest heart Am You've ever torn apart
Chorus:(Lead guitar - distortion and echo)E|-------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------|G|--1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-2-4-2-4-4b5r4-4-2--|D|-------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------|(Last time end on the bend)
E C#m Am You fooled with the wrong guy E C#m Am Fooled with the wrong guy E C#m Am Fooled with the wrong guy (Intro) Verse 2: E G#m C#m How did you get so drunk? F#m Guess you had enough Am Swallowed more than we all knew E G#m C#m So many friends F#m Only hold you when Am You got treats for them to E G#m C#m Sink their teeth into F#m But it don't mean a lot Am When it's all about (Chorus w/lead guitar) E C#m Am You fooled with the wrong guy E C#m Am Fooled with the wrong guy E C#m Am Fooled with the wrong guy (Am) When you fooled with me
Outro:E|------------------------|B|----0---0---------------|G|--1---1---1----1---1----|D|-------------4---4---4--|A|------------------------|E|------------------------| x2
Ending Sequence: Intro Outro Intro (only x1) (Repeat with chorus lead guitar overlayed) Fade out.
Notes:If you're playing solo acoustic, you may wanna incorporatethe lead guitar in the chorus by playing the chordsand then the part of the lead that lands on the Am, like this:E|--0-------4---------------------------|B|--0-------5---------------------------|G|--1-strum-6-strum--2-4-2-4-4b5-4-2-1--|D|--2-------6---------------------------|A|--2-------4---------------------------|E|--0-----------------------------------|... wrong__ guy__Also, that G# at the very end isn't on the recording, butif you're doing it solo, I think it ties things together well.That's how I do it, anyways.
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