Beverley Knight - Shoulda Woulda Coulda tab


Intro (also played in the beginning of verses)

Bm A GE-------------x---7---5---3-------------------------|B-------------x---7---5---3-------------------------|G-------------x---7---6---4-------------------------|D-------------x---9---7---5-------------------------|A------5-7----x---9---7---5-------------------------|E--5-7-----7-x---7---5---3-------------------------|
Verse 1 Bm A G People say that together we were both sides of the same coin Bm A G That we would shine like Venus in a clear night sky Em F#m G We thought our love could overcome the circumstances Em F#m A But my ambition wouldn't allow for compromise I could see in the distance all the dreams that were clear to me Every choice that I had to make left you on your own Somehow the road we started down had split asunder Too late to realise how far apart we'd grown Chorus D D/Db Bm A How I wish I, wish I'd done a little bit more G G/F# Now Shoulda woulda coulda, means I'm out of time Em A Coz Shoulda woulda coulda, can't change your mind D D/Db C Bm And I wonder, wonder, wonder what I'm gonna do G A D Shoulda woulda coulda are the last words of a fool Verse 2 People ask how it feels to live the kind of life others dream about I tell them everybody gotta face their highs and their lows And in my life there's a love I put aside, cause I was busy loving something else So for every little thing you hold on to you've got to let something else go [Chorus] G F#m Fool if I would now forsake the opportunities are fate Em F#m I know I'm right where I belong G A But sometimes when I'm not so strong I.. [Chorus]
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