Bevis Frond – Shes In Love With Time chords

Left handed
She's In Love With Time
Written by Nick Saloman

[Am]I wish it will be here for [G]ever
[Am]Or just till I fail to read the [G]sign
[C]She watches the [B]colour
[D]Fade from my [Am]eyes
[C]I just get ol[B]der
[D]When she gets more [Am]wise

     [G]Cos She's in love with [Am]time 
     [G](She's in love with [Am]time)
     [G]She's in love with [F]time 
     [G](She's in love with [Am]time)

I look at her preoccupation
Cos she can't get it off her mind
But all of her mirrors
Disturbing her face
But of her hardships
There's not a trace

All people marvel at her beauty
And I'm waiting somewhere down the line
We once were the couple
That drove you all mad
Now I look like her father
And act like her child

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