Beyonce Knowles - Sweet Dreams tab

Beyonce Knowles - Sweet Dreams

My wife listens to this constantly and the main riff is pretty good.
I figured out the tuning, but it is dropped waaaaaaaaaaaay low, so I'm only going 
to tab the bottom 2 strings for the whole song/riff.

You are going to definitely going to need a baritone with 60 gauge strings or 
higher to pull this off......

Ridiculous Insane Tuning - Drop D down 5 WHOLE stepsPlay over and overG#|-------------------------------------------|C#|-------------------------------------------|A |-------------------------------------------|E |-------------------------------------------|B |----------------------------8s10p8-6s5-----|F#|-0-8--8s10s8-6-6--3-3-3--4-----------------|
G#|-------------------------------------------|C#|-------------------------------------------|A |-------------------------------------------|E |-------------------------------------------|B |----------------------------8s10p8-6s5-----|F#|-0-8--8s10s8-6-6--0-0-0--1-----------------|
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