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Red Hollywood
by The Bible

Transcribed by
Date: July 28, 1997
This song is on The Bible^?s 1988 record, Eureka. It is a mellow jazz piece
at about 84 on
a metronome. There is a dainty electric guitar (guitar 1) coupled with a
jazzy electric.
(guitar 2). Both are played cleanly. The bass is an upright.

Guitar 1 (Figure 1) Bb E9(#11)e------------------------------|B------3----------3------------|G------3----------3------------|D------3----------2------------|A------------------------------|E------------------------------|This is the rhythm. (The dashes above the numbers denote the count on whichthe chordis played.)_ _1-&-2-&-3-&-4-&
Guitar 2 (Figure 1) C7 C7sus(1)e-------------------------------------------------------------|B------------5-------------------------------6----------------|G--------3-------------------------------3--------------------|D----5-------------------------------5------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------|
Rhythm: _ _ _ 1-&-2-&-3-&-4-& (This rhythm is played with both the C7 and the C7sus. They are separated by 4 counts of rest.)
Guitar 2 (Figure 2)- Guitar 1 rests here. C7sus(2) Eb7sus Bb7sus C7sus(2) D5 D7#9e----13------16-------------11------13-----------------------------------|B--- 11------14-------------9-------11--------15----------6----6---------|G----12------15-------------10------12--------14----------5----5---------|D---------------------------------------------------------4----4---------|A---------------------------------------------------------5----5---------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Rhythm:_ _ _ _ ______ _ _1-&-2-&-3-&-4-&|1-&-2-&-3-&-4-&|1-2-3-4|1-2-3-4|
Guitar 2 (Figure 3) I am not sure about this part. I think it is an arpeggio on C7sus(1), A7sus, and other chords. If you figure out this part, please let me know. The guitar and trumpet solos are in Em. Intro: (Figure 1) Verse (Figure 1) Don^?t think I^?ve ever been so ashamed. You brought those ugly thoughts into our house, Into our house. (Figure 2) Now I find I^?m behind enemy lines. Pre-Chorus (Figure 3) Then he tells her how he wants her. And he^?s going to be good, he^?s going to be, Yes, he^?s going to be good. Chorus (Figure 1) But how can he be good when all the flags are coming down In Red Hollywood? In Red Hollywood. (Figure 2) I^?ve been crying. I^?ve been crying all night....... Guitar Solo Pre- Chorus Chorus (no guitar 1) Outro: Guitar 2 and Trumpet improvisation.
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