Bic Runga - No Crying No More tab

Song - No Crying No More
Artist - Bic Runga
Album - Birds
Year - 2005

Chords Used:

G Bm Em Am D D9 F#E---3------------------------2-----------------|A---2----2----2--------------------------------|G--------4----2---2----------------------------|D--------4--------2--2---2---------------------|B--------3--------1--3---1---------------------|e---3----2-----------2---2---------------------|
Verse - G - Use thumb on E string and repeat to get rhythm) Standard Tuning Verse - Repeat twice for intro...
E--3---3--3--3--3----3----3---3-| (Thumb)A-------------------------------|G---0--0--0--0------------------|D---0--2--0--4------------0-----|B---------------3---------0-----|e--------------------0----------| I Met my Darling Last night...
E--3---3--3--3----3--3--3--3----| (Thumb)A-------------------------------|G---0--0--0--0----0----0h2------|D---0--2--0--3----0--0----0-----|B-------------------------------|e-------------------------------|
I've never seen him before... Break: Bm Em F# G There is no rest for the wicked Am Em No blues like before D D9 A spells been lifted just like a...
baby born once more
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