Bif Naked – Daddies Gettin Married tab

Daddies Gettin Married by Bif Naked
Guitarist: <‘{}’>
Album: Bif Naked
Dif.: 5
Tabbed by Twiggy5

NOTE: I’m not gonna show the rhythm for anything!! This song is so fucking 
easy you can figure it out by just looking at the chords.

IntroE|-3-|-2-|-0-|B|-3-|-3-|-1-|G|-0-|-2-|-0-|D|-0-|-0-|-2-|A|-2-|-X-|-3-|E|-3-|-X-|-X-| G D C
Pre-ChorusE|--0--|--0--|--0--|B|--1--|--1--|--1--|G|--2--|--2--|--0--|D|--2--|--2--|--2--|A|--0--|--0--|--3--| Am Am C
Chorus (w/ dist.)G|-----|--7--|--5--|D|--5--|--7--|--5--|A|--5--|--5--|--3--|E|--3--|-----|-----| G5 D5 C5
Bridge - Just let G5 ring out while drum does it’s thang End - End on G5 Song Structure: - Intro Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge Verse Chorus End There... Simple as motherfucking chewing food or breathing air... I didn’t tab out the keyboard part or lead guitar cause i’m lazy... If you wanna spice it up and you’re playing it live with friends or in your band. In the last chorus do it like fast speed metal punk shit.. All I know is Bif did that live at Snowjam on July 29th and it was fucking awesome.. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions or you wanna buy Bif’s first CD email me at
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