Bif Naked – Chotee tab

Bif Naked - Chotee
Submitted By: TWIGGy5
Guitarist: <,/\,>
Album: I Bificus
Dif.: 6
Tabbed by TWIGGy5

NOTE: * = strum 8x

Verse (“I was just out of……..”)G|-7\6\4--2-R-|D|-7\6\4--2-R-|A|-5\4\2--0-R-|
Fill 1 (“Our love was….”)G|-XX-X-|D|-XX-X-|A|-XX-X-|
Verse P2 (“Our love was grand…”)G|-7\6\4--2--------|D|-7\6\4--2--------|A|-5\4\2--0--------| ^ let ring out
Pre-Chorus (“Chotee……….”)G|----4*-7------4\6\4-2-R-|D|-5*-4*-7------4\6\4-2-R-|A|-5*-2*-5(15x)-5\4\2-0-R-|E|-3*---------------------|
Chorus (“My baby…..”)G|-4*----------4*----------4*-----------*-7*-9*-|D|-4*-5*-7*-4*-4*-5*-7*-2*-4*-5*-7*-4*-5*-7*-9*-|A|-2*-5*-7*-4*-2*-5*-7*-2*-2*-5*-7*-4*-5*-5*-7*-|E|----3*-5*-2*----3*-5*-0*----3*-5*-2*-3*-------|
Bridge/End G|-12-11-----5-7----| To make more of that do vibratoes on 11 and 7
Verse 3/Outro (“My baby yeah…..”)G|-7*-3*-5*-7*-|-%-|-%-|-7*-3*-------|D|-7*-3*-5*-7*-|-%-|-%-|-7*-3*-3*-5*-|A|-5*-1*-3*-5*-|-%-|-%-|-5*-1*-3*-5*-|E|-------------|-%-|-%-|-------1*-3*-|
Song Structure: - Drum Fill Verse Fill 1 Verse P2 Chorus Verse (“So young so confused…..”) Fill 1 (“But I couldn’t….”) Verse P2 Chorus Verse (“Me and him were fighting…..”) Fill 1 (“For 2 years….”) Verse P2 Pre-Chorus Verse (“He didn’t really want me….”) Fill 1 (“Wanna be a daddy…..”) Verse P2 Chorus Bridge Break For A Second Verse 3 (Gtr. 1)/Bridge (Gtr. 2) Outro End Effects Alright there ya go. Nice high school love song. I’m not quite sure about the outro but it’s better than nothing right…… Okay so if you have any comments, corrections or suggestions email me at
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