Bif Naked – Space Man tab

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Song: Spaceman
Band: Bif Naked
Tuning: standard tuning
Tabbed by: Dave Flikkema

You should listen to the song to get the rythyms cause there isn't
a good way to tab rythyms plus i'm not to good at writing down rythyms and stuff


the first thing you hear is an A5 chord with some kind of modulation effect
probably flange.

Then there is this bass Gliss thing. It sounds like its on a Frettless bass it starts on the 12th frett E string and slides down. Though it might be just a sequenced part??? The drums kick in here with some kewl sounds to go with it. a few seconds into it, a kewl guitar part starts. (i don't know it might be Keyboard):: i usually play this kinda sloppily, hitting other strings (in brackets) and such as long as it sounds kewl
e--------------------------|B-(9)(7)(9)----------------|G--9--7--9--7-9-7-7--9--7--| X4D-(9)---(9)----------------|A--------------------------|E--------------------------|etc..
Then the bass changes to this:G------------------------------------------------------------------------|D--2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-----------------------------------|A--------------------------------------3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-----------------|E--------------------------------------------------------3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|
But i like to play it like this: ((take your pick) i think my way sounds better)
with the new bass part that comes in is a Keyboard part, it sounds kewl right after that Bif does that "oooohhhhaaaaaaaaahhh"
e--7--------------|B----10--8--------|G----------9------| x2D-----------------|A-----------------|E-----------------|
Right before the first there is this muted guitar strumming, but it almost sounds they are hitting a harmonic at the same time. possible above the 5th frett VERSE PART: The bass does this:
Guitar does this right after Bif sings "I see you face on the television"then it does it again at the same spot every time. Listen for it and youwil get it.I'm pretty sure this is a keyboard it legato or smoothly.e----------------------------------|B----------------------------------|G----------------------------------|D--------------14-12---------------|A--14-12-------------14-12---------|E--------15-12-------------15-12---|
It does all this then it does this little interlude which is similar to the intro. Little interlude part: Play this all 2x then go back to the verse part twice (you will hear that Bass gliss part in here as well, i am sure that it is just a squenced sound.)
Guitare-------------------------------|B-(9)(7)(9)---------------------|G--9--7--9--7-9-7-7--9--7-------| X4D-(9)---(9)---------------------|A-------------------------------|E-------------------------------|
Goes back to the verse part then off to the Prechorus. (throughout you hear a High B ringing probably another synth. if you want to add it in with Guitar play it on the B string 12th frett. add a little vibrato.)
Then The CHORUS: The bass:
The guitar just Em C G D
I play it like that, it sound kewl. that is play 4 times then there is a transition back to the verse part (like the intro) then the verse kicks in again. there is no little interlude part this time it just goes straight to the prechorus then into the chorus the guitar and bass both cut out half way through the chrous then come back in again, then it goes throught the chorus a few more times and ends like the intro part. It's a kewl song The drums make up half the song though but it's realy kewl If you have any comments corrections or descrimintations please feel free to e-mail me at Thankyou.
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