Biffy Clyro - Little Soldiers tab version 1

G I’ll always say “im sorry” E I’ll always say that “you were right” G I want to make you happy E I only want to make you proud C In the summertime when we said G “I’ll be watching you, get over it” E Am And back at home we cry alone, And think about eachother. G We still don’t know the damage E We recognise that’s something’s wrong G I know I’ll always love you E Why can’t we set fire to everyone? C In the Winter time when we lay “You’ll be watching me, get over it” E Am And in out home, bone-to-bone, We sit, we cried together Guitar Solo:
i know that the intro isn't full, and some of the chords are wrong. but please only use as a template. if you do make any changes please dont hesitate to contact me on: MON THE BIFFY!
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