Big Head Todd And The Monsters – Please Dont Tell Her tab

"Please Don't Tell Her"
Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Album: Beautiful World
Written by: Todd Park Mohr

Tabbed by: 
Please forward any corrections/suggestions that you may have.
I tabbed this from a live version of the song, so there may be some slight 
discrepancies from the studio version.

Intro/Verse G D Am C e------------------------------------------------|B----------------------9-----------5-------7-----|G------3h[4]-4-4-------9-------5-5-5-------7-----| repeat 4x for introD------5-----5-5-------9-------7-7-7-------7-----| repeat 4x for verseA----5-5-----5-5---7h9---------7-7-7---5h7-------|E--3-----------------------5-5-5-5-5-------------|
Bracketed note first time only
Chorus G D Am C e--3----2----0----0----|B--3----3----1----1----|G--0----2----2----0----| repeat 4x D--0----0----2----2----|A--2---------0----3----|E--3-------------------|
Bridge Am Em C Eme--0-00-0-0--0-0-00--0-0-00--0-0-00--|B--1-11-0-1--0-0-00--1-1-11--0-0-00--|G--2-22-2-2--0-0-00--0-0-00--0-0-00--| repeat ending on CD--2-22-2-2--2-2-22--2-2-22--2-2-22--|A--0-00-0-0--2-2-22--3-3-33--2-2-22--|E------------0-0-00----------0-0-00--|
Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge Solo in Em pentatonic Verse Chorus x2 Intro Solo in Em pentatonic End 2nd solo/finish song with this. Listen to the song for rhythm
G/B D G C/E G e-------------------12----15--|B--8----10----12----13----15--|G--7----11----12----12----16--| repeat D--9----12----12--------------|A-----------------------------|E-----------------------------|
Lyrics I always leave her waiting I always leave her down if she should come my way I always turn around Please don't tell her I love her Please don't tell her I love her I always keep her out I never let her in If she should come my way weeping I greet her with a grin Please don't tell her I love her Please don't tell her I love her If she should discover the colors of my love She will fly, fly away Now you can try tenderness You can try to hang around Oh, but I'm sure she'll love you less I'm sure she'll bring you down Please don't tell her I love her Please don't tell her I love her
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