Big Head Todd – Broken Hearted Saviour tab

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 12:35:30 -0700
From: kclamp@CCTR.UMKC.EDU (Ken Lamp)

Broken Hearted Savior
Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Album: Sister Sweetly
Written by: Todd Park Mohr

Tabbed by: (Ken Lamp)
Please forward any corrections/suggestions that you may have.

G      320003
Gsus4  320013
C?     x32013
F?     xx3213
Intro G C F G C F repeat x 1e----------------------------3---------------------------------3------B------------------1-----------1---------------------1-----------1----G------0-------------0-2---------0--------0------------0-2---------0--D-------0----------------3-----------------0---------------3----------A-----------0-2-3-----------------------------0-2-3-------------------E--3---------------------------------3--------------------------------
G Gsus4 G C Fe--3--3---3--3-3---3--------3--3-3--3--3-------------B------------1-1------------1--1-1--1--1-------------G-----------------------------------2--2------------- repeat x 1D--------------------0-2-3--2--2-2--3--3--3--2--0----A--2--2---2--2-2---2--------3--3-3-----------------3-E--3--3---3--3-3---3--------------------------------- v v ^ ^ ^ v v v ^ ^ ^
Repeat the 2nd tab throughout the verses Fields are white in snowy spring and I can't remember the last time that I've seen her The highway is still cold and wet and I can't forget the way I had to leave her And every passing day, she flickers and she fades Is someone to catch her when she falls from the heavens? D C D And I'll love her yet, though she has done me wrong C D And I'll bring her back, though she has been long gone C And I'll always be her, Broken hearted savior Intro lick X 2 And every heavy night takes out the little life that's left within her Every man she gives her love, he takes it, and leaves her with a dinner Our love was once a flame, now I'm just a forgotten name Am I the only one to blame for having loving her? And I love her yet, she has done me wrong Can I bring her back, she has been long gone And I'll always be her, Broken hearted savior Intro lick X 2 Lead G Gsus4 G C F (repeat x 8) Intro lick X 4
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