Big Sugar - In My Time Of Dieing tab

Artist: Big Sugar
Song: In my time of dieing
Tabber: Samuel Scheideman
Comments: Pretty spiffy song, my first blues song to tab as well. 
Tuning: Open E
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Intro: Basic idea of what he plays the ending of it can be found in themain rhythm riff. e|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|A|--/10-10-8/10-6/10--/10-10-8/10-15/10--|E|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------|
Basic rhythm: This contains all you need to know to play it. Just dowhatever the hell you want! If you listened to the song that's all he does. Use a slide!e|--------------------------|B|--------------(3)/-/-8~~--|A|--------------(3)/-/------|E|-----8-8-8\-3--3-/6/------|B|-----8-8-8\-3-(3)/--------|E|-3/8-8-8-8\-3-------------|
2nd Solo: here it is. Second part not perfect. First Solo is too gayfor me to bother typing out, its cool, just a pain in the as to tab that's all. e|----------------------------------|--------------------3--|B|--12/15-15-15-15/17\12/15---------|-----------------------|A|-------------------------------3--|------------------3----|E|-------------------------------3--|------------------3----|B|-------------------------------3--|------------------3----|E|---------------------------0h3----|--8--6-8-6-8-6-8-------|
Loud brash part near end: strum this as much as necessaryB|--3--|A|--3--|E|--3--|B|--3--|E|--3--|
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