Big Time Rush - This Is Our Someday chords


Em C Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh
Em C(Hey yeah) Oh, oh, oh, oh (Yeah yeah) Oh, oh, oh, oh
EmWhen everyday feels like the other
CAnd everywhere looks just the same
EmWhen every dream seems like forever
CAnd you're a face without a name
AmMaybe now is our best chance (best chance)
To finally get it right (get it right) Cause if the world is an apple (oh yeah) Then it's time to take a bite (CHORUS)
GSomeday it'll come together
DSomeday we will work it out
Em CI know, we can turn it up all the way
C GCause this is our Someday
(G)Is what we make it
DSomeday is right here and now
EmWhy wait, why wait, why wait?
CCause this is our someday
EmWe all have times, times we wonder
CWill the spotlight shine on me?
EmDon't let waves go and pull us under
CWe'll miss the opportunity (oh oh)
AmDon't look down or look back (look back)
It's not that far to go Cause if we never trap it
CWe will never really know
D Em Oh, no
C GI don't have all the answers
D EmBut there is one thing
C GI know for sure , yeah!
D Em One is good
C GBut four is better
AmIt took some time to get here
CBut it's better late than never!
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