Big Time Rush – If I Ruled The World chords ver. 3

If I Ruled the World
BIg Time Rush

Amazing new song by Big Time Rush ...... They are amazing :) This song is really easy 
because it's the same chord progression the entire time so enjoy! :)

D# A# Cm G# throughout the whole song

verse 1:

If i ruled the world I'd throw all the money in the air like confetti

If i ruled the world every house got a dj and a backyard party

I break all the borders down when i shake the ground

If i ruled the world i'd dream out loud


So everybody get up up out of your seats Kick off you shoes like you down at the beach

And jump up up up on the beat singing ayo ayo ayo

Up up out of your seats be who you are love is all you need

All of us geeks freaks and wannabes singing ayo if i ruled the world

I would give it give it all to you give it give it give it all to you (2x)

verse 2:

If you were my girl you'd never have to worry bout another thing no cause i'd rule the world

And you'd be right next to me running the show

we'd throw every rule in the book out and bring down the house

if you were my girl we'd dream out loud



I'd be beating on my chest i'm the king of the hill

iyaz and Big Time Rush keepin it real

Magic Carpets girl we go wherever

I ain't tryin to run no game i ain't tryin to be clever

girl i would be the king and you would be the queen

going a hundred miles an hour girl we're runnin the streets

and if the cops ever try and pull us over we'd tell him hey mister officer we own ya


I would give give it all to you give it give it give it all to you (repeat)


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