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Author/Artist: Big Wreck
Title: Ladylike
Transcribed by: Dharshan

Tuning : 1/2 step down

The Riff (Fig 1)------------------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|---5-/-7---7p5-------------------------7--------------------------------------|---5-/-7--------7p5-\-3--2h3p2---------7--------------------------------------|---3-/-5------------------------5--3-/-5--------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
So she lays down it'll be with me She'll lay down with me And she walks out It'll be on me Fig1 X2 She'll walk out on me Fig1 X2 And she's kneeling F5 It'll be for me E5 D5 Fig1 X2 She's kneeling for me Bb5 B5 C5 C#5 D5 E5 D5(muting..) And if I need ya to be secure its 'cuz I'm not so la - dy like at all She's focused It'll be on me She's focused on me And she walks with It'll be with me She's walking with me And if I need ya to be secure its 'cuz I'm not so ladylike at all She's wishin' It'll be on me She's wishin' on me And she's hopeless It'll be, oh she's hopeless with me And if I need ya to be secure its 'cuz I'm not your ladylike Need you to be secure if I'm not your ladylike and more
F5- X 8 10 10 X XE5- X 7 9 9 X XD5- X 7 5 5 X XB5- X 2 4 4 X XBb5- X 1 3 3 X XC#5- X 4 6 6 X XC5- X 3 5 5 X X
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