Bigwig - Freegan tab

Band: Bigwig
Album: Stay Asleep/Short Music for Short People

If ur a misfits fan...this song is basically the intro to Astro Zombies
except for the solo

Versex2 (Id club a baby seal...I tell my vegan...I dont care whether...)e|-------------------------|b|-------------------------|g|--55-44-22---------------|d|--55-44-22-55--3333-5555-|a|--33-22-00-55--3333-5555-|e|-----------33--1111-3333-|
Bridge (All my boots are leather...)e|-------------|b|-------------|g|-------------|d|--3333-5555--|a|--3333-5555--|e|--1111-3333--|
then play the verse again intro so for summary we got Intro Verse x2 Bridge Verse Intro have fun...its super easy
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