Bikini Kill – For Tammy Rae tab

			     For Tammy Rae by Bikini Kill

Closing track to Bikini Kill's 1993 debut album, 'Pussy Whipped'. Really beautiful song,
and it's nothing but a couple of power chords. You can play them as barre chords if you
want, but it doesn't really matter here. Riff B is played throughout every verse and
Riff A is the intro and is also used as a bridge. The bridge ends with Riff C, goes back to
Riff B, and Riff D is the outro. This is a cake walk if you've been playing guitar for
awhile, but a great track no less and really, really pretty. Good for beginners who want
to play a love song, Olympia riot grrrl style of course. But really, it is very mellow 
and affectionate, listen to the song for the exact timing.

Tabbed by: Scott H.

"/" = slide

Tuning: Standard

Riff A (Intro/Bridge):

Riff B:
Riff B Past the billboards and the magazines I dream about being with you We can't hear a word they say Let's pretend we own the world today Riff B I know it's cold outside But when we're together, I have nothing to hide Hold on tight, I will never let you down It can't rain on our side of town Riff A (bridge) x 4 Riff C:
Riff C x 4 Riff B Wipe the sweat from my hair Tell me we're not better off Wipe the tears from my face The sunny side of the street where we are Riff D (Outro):
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