Bill Fay - Maudy La Lune chords

Wonderful song by Bill Fay (
Not sure it's 100% correct, but works good.

Capo on 1st fret

CMaudy La Lune
Em AmWaitress at the Hotel Unreal
Fm CMy pot plant on her windowsill (windowsill)
Fm CI don't mind what she puts on my bill
CMaudy La Lune
Em AmTakes me to the top of the hill
Fm CIm so in love it's making me ill
Dm CSo in love it's making me ill
Em Dm FmSo in love it's ma-king me i-ll
CMaudy La Lune
Em Am All I have and all I can lose (all I can lose)
Fm CIf she left me now I'd be through
Dm C All I'd have is holes in my shoes
Fm A# Gm C Fm A# Gm C C C# D D#
Em Dm FmAll I'd have is ho-les in my sho-es
CMaudy La Lune
Em AmShe is my favourite tune
Fm CIf you saw her youd love her too (shes my favourite)
Dm CShe is my favourite tune (shes my favourite)
Em Dm FmShe's my fa-vourite tu-ne (shes my favourite)
Fm G C She's my favourite, she's my favourite tune
Enjoy. Marco Pastore
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