Bill Fox - Im Not Over Loving You chords

This is one of my favorite of Bill's songs, but there appears to be nothing in the way 
of tabs for it.  This chord progression is dirt simple, and isn't really the way he plays 
it, but it's better than nothing.

A BmShe came in laying on a boat from france,/
E Aat 200 tons it's hard to dance./
A BmBut when they called her Liberty,/
E Awere they thinking of you or me?/
The rest of the song proceeds in that fashion. If you're looking for a more complex sound, you can alternate the A with an Asus4. Chords:
A Asus4 Bm Ee|----0----0--------2-----0----|B|----2----3--------3-----0----|G|----2----2--------4-----1----|D|----2----2--------4-----2----|A|----0----0--------2-----2----|E|----X----X--------X-----0----|
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