Gloomy Sunday chords with lyrics by Billie Holiday - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Billie Holiday – Gloomy Sunday chords

                       GLOOMY SUNDAY - Billie Holiday
Tabbed by: omnipotato

Tuning: Standard

This is sort of a combination of the original Hungarian version and Billie
Holiday's version (the bridge "Dreaming, I was only dreaming" is not included
since it wasn't in the original, and I think it kills the whole mood of the

C#m7b5 Am6/9 A#dim7 B7b9 EmM7 Emadd6 Adim7e|----------0-------0--------------------------2-----|B|---5------0-------2------1-----4------2------1-----|G|---4------2-------0------2-----0------0------2-----|D|---5------2-------2------1-----2------2------1-----|A|---4------3-------1------2-----2------2------------|E|----------2--------------------0------0------------|
Em Em7Sunday is gloomy;
C#m7b5 AmMy hours are slumberless.
Em Am6/9Dearest, the shadows
A#dim7 B7I live with are numberless.
CM7 Little white flowers
Am7 B7Will never awaken you;
G Am6/9Not where the black coach of
A#dim7 B7Sorrow has taken you.
Em Em7Angels have no thought
C#m7b5 AmOf ever returning you.
Em Am6/9Would they be angry
A#dim7 B7If I thought of joining you?
B7b9 B7 Em Gloomy Sunday
Em Em7Gloomy is Sunday;
C#m7b5 AmWith shadows I spend it all.
Am7My heart and I
B7Have decided to end it all.
Am7Soon there'll be candles
C B7And prayers that are said, I know.
G C#m7b5Let them not weep;
C B7Let them know that I'm glad to go.
Em EmM7Death is no dream,
Em7 Emadd6For in death I'm caressing you.
CWith the last breath of my soul
F#m7 B7I'll be blessing you.
Am Adim7 Em Gloomy Sunday
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