Billie Myers - Shoul I Call You Jesus tab

Artist: Billie Myers
Song name: Should I Call You Jesus
Tabbed by: Detunius

Tune down half step: Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Ebintro:Eb|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-Bb|---10--8--6--5-----10--------|-----------------------------|-Gb|----------------7------------|---4-4-4-4-4-5---------------|-Db|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-Ab|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-Eb|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-
main part: Religions all around the world Every man, every woman Every want to be martyr We have to learn, to learn The way we need to live together Dm G Am If the planet earth stopped revolving Dm G Am Would religion really matter anymore? Dm G Am And if Jerusalem began dissolving Dm G Am You’d see the man from Salt Lake City At your door F I believe G I believe Am That there ‘s so much more G Am Than we can see F I believe G I believe Am That there’s more to life G Am Am (short) There's more to life than this Chorus: Dm Should I call you Jesus? G Am Or should I call you Buddha Am Dm Don’t you know Jehovah G Am He read the kabbala Am Dm Should I talk to Allah? G Am Does it really matter? Am Dm G Am God is god By any god given name Play all the song in this way... Good luck, Detunius
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