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Subject: TAB: Days Like These - Billy Bragg
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1993 21:32:03 GMT

                                Days Like These
                                (Billy Bragg)

intro: G Em G Em

      G                   Em           Am              C
The party that became so powerful by sinkin' foreign boat
G                       Em             Am          A7
He's dreaming up new promises cause promises win vote
      D            Em             C         Am
In resoluting conference, the headman's expertise
        Em               C            D
The majority by their silence should pay for days like these

      G                Em            Am                 C
The right to build communities, is back behind closed doors
G                        Em                  Am              A7
Between governements and people stands the right arm of the law
      D               Em             C                     Am
And shame upon the patriot when the mark of the bulldog breath
      Em                  C           D
He's a familly without a home, in a pentionnary need.

  G                            Em         Am            C
Those whose life is ruled by dogma, are waitin' for a sign
G                       Em                Am            A7
The better dead than red brigade, are listenin' on the line
        D                     Em            C            Am
And the liberal of the small "L" cries in front of the TV
         Em            C     D                 G
And another demonstration passes on to history

G  Em  Am  C  G  Em  Am  A7

  D                      Em
Peace, bread, work and freedom
         C             Am
Is the best we can achieve
   Em              C
Wairing badges is not enough
D                 G
In days like these

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