Billy Bragg – Help Save The Youth Of America tab

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this is a fun song to play and works well on both an electric and an acoustic.

for electric playing, play power chords (i.e., chords without the third) all
the way through, occasionally slipping in the third (of the chord) for
embellishment... use a lot of reverb (at least) and as much distortion as you
can bear.

for acoustic playing, i just strum the chords -- in open position --
agressively with a medium pick.

"help save the youth of america"

G(5)                   C(5)  G(5)
Help save the youth of America

Help save them from themselves

G(5)                   C(5)   G(5)
Help save the sunshine surfer boy

        D(5)       G(5)
and the California girls (repeat for all the other verses)

i can't remember all the words, but some go like this:

A nation with their freezers full
is dancing in their seats
while outside another nation
is sleeping in the streets

last verse:
G                         C        G
The cities of Europe have burned before

and they may burn again

G                     C      G
and this time if they do you bet

                     D         G
that washington will burn with them

           D         G
omaha will burn with them

                D         G     GGCCGCG
los alamos will burn with them
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