Billy Bragg – Upfield tab

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Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 16:40:44 +0000 (Z)
From: "Boulton, Nic" 
Subject: TAB:/b/Bragg_Billy/

>From William Bloke.

I've tried to arrange the brass harmonies for guitar. hmmm ;-)

[intro & chorus]:

G(III) Em(III) G(III) G(0) De-|-------------3-----3-3---5-3----------------3---2-0----------||B-|-------------3---5-5-5-5-3-3----------------0---3--3--1-0----||G-|-------------4---4--------------------------0---2--------2~0-||D-|:---------5------5--------------------------0---0-----------:||A-|----------5------------------------------5-------------------||E-|----------3------------------------------3-------------------|| I'm going upfield way up on the hillside I'm going higher than I've ever been beforethats where youll find me way up in the hillside
G(III) Em(0) D G(0) D wading in the river reaching for that other shore [verse]: Em(0) D G(0) Em(0) G(0) D I dreamed I saw a tree full of angels up on Primrose Hill and I flew with them over the Great Wen till I seen my fill of such pov---er------ty and misery sure to tear my soul apart Em(0) D G(0) Am* G(0) D ||: I've got a so---cialism of the heart :|| x2 [chorus] the angels asked me how I felt about all I'd seen and heard that they spoke to me, a pagan, gave me cause to doubt their word but they laughed and said it doesn't matter if you help us in our art ||: you've got a socialism of the heart :|| x2 [chorus] their faces shone and they were gone and I was left alone and I walked these ancient empire streets till I came tearful to my home and when I woke next morning, I vowed to play my part ||: I've got a socialism of the heart :|| x2 [chorus] *Am in the last line of the verse might be an Em(0). Em(III) is : x__x____________ | | | | | | |__|__1__1__1__1 3rd fret | | | | | | |__|__|__2__|__| | | | | | | |__|__3__|__4_(4) so when you go from G(III)->Em(III), | | | | | | don't move your 1st & 2nd fingers |__|__|__|__|__| EADGBe 355433 - G(III) xx5453 - Em(III) 320003 - G(0) xx0232 - D 022000 - Em(0) x02210 - Am Nic
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