Billy Bragg - The Internationale chords

Dedicado a León Trotsky, Emiliano Zapata y Comandante Che Guevara

A DStand up all victims of oppression
E7 A E7For the tyrants fear your might
A DDon't cling so hard to your possessions
E7 AFor you have nothing if you have no rights
E B7 ELet racist ignorance be ended
B7 E B7For respect makes the empires fall
E E7 AFreedom is merely privilege extended
E B7 E E7Unless enjoyed by one and all
A DSo come brothers and sisters
E7 A E7For the struggle carries on
A E7 F#m C#7 The Inter-national-e
D B7 E E7Unites the world in song
A DSo come comrades and rally
E7 A A7For this is the time and place
F#7 Bm7The international ideal
A E7 A Unites the human race
Verse 2: Let no one build walls to divide us Walls of hatred or walls of stone Come greet the dawn and stand beside us We'll live together or we'll die alone In our world poisoned by exploitation Those who have taken, now they must give And end the vanity of nations We have but one world on which to live [Chorus] Verse 3: And so begins the final drama In the streets and in the fields We stand unbowed before their armor We defy their guns and shields When we fight provoked by their aggression Let us be inspired by life and love For though they offer us concessions Change will not come from above [Chorus]
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