Billy Currington - Until You chords

Until You- Billy Currington<3

Standard tuning. 

D   Bm   G   D

D BmLet's just take our time
GThere's nothing else to do
Em7 What better way to spend the night
A DThan wasting it with you
BmThe moon has won the war
GThe daylight waits to win
Em7Stay here by my side
A Bm A GWe'll watch the struggle start again
D AI need you
BmNow and forever
G D ATo stay right here with me
GDon't ever leave
D ALove was kept
BmFrom me like a secret
G D AAnd I swore that I was through
GUntil you
Until you
D BmThe city's settled down
GI watch you as you sleep
Em7There's a silent celebration
A DFor every breath you breathe
BmNow this all makes sense
GWith you as company
Em7I left all I knew and found
A Bm A GThe better part of me
Yeah yeah Chorus
A D GThe time it took to find you
A D GI would wait again, my baby
A D G A For the feelings that I feel with you now
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