Billy Joe Shaver – When I Get My Wings tab

A                                  A    D
Been a whole lot of people thought me a fool
	             A                      E  
Been a time or two i thought that i was one too
Ain't a chain that can hold me
                A7    D
Ain't a thing i won't try
                   A    E           A 
When i get through livin',i'm gonna die

A         A7      D                        A  
Gonna die with my boots on,gonna go out in style
                     B                        E
With a free-wheelin' feelin' and a honky tonk smile
                       A                      A7   D
And if the devil don't dodge me,gonna spit in his eye
              A   E           A   
When i get my wings,i'm gonna fly

A         A7      D              A      
Gonna fly away singin' i'm gonna fly

Gonna wrap my new wings 'round
Few feathered things in that free feelin' sky
                    A           A7   D                               
Gonna reach a new heaven,higher than high
              A   E                A    
When i get my wings,hey i'm gonna fly
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