Billy Joe Shaver - Star In My Heart chords version 2

Star in my heart
(song for Eddy)
tabbed my Milos Protic


G D CYou have to do the best you can
GGood friend of mine
D7 CSome day our paths may cross again
GIn a better time
DI know
CYou know, you know you know that
G D CI pulled the thorn out of your side
GWhen I walked away
D7 CI took the rock out of your shoe
GOn that very day
DI pray
CYou'll forgive me for not leaving sooner
G D CYou are the star in my heart
GGuess you've always known
D7 CThough we are many worlds apart
GI am still your friend
DAnd friends
CWill always be friends forever
Don't waste your precious thoughts on me And my tired dreams Your soul is bursting at the seams You are finally free To be Even more than you could ever dream of You'll learn to hold your head up high You'll make your stand You'll look the world straight in the eye You will never blink To think, I almost held on too long to help you You are the star in my heart Guess you've always known Though we are many worlds apart I am still your friend And friends Will always be friends forever R.I.P Eddy
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