Billy Joel – Shes Always A Woman tab

I think this is the most accurate chords of the song.

Note: This song is in 3/4's.


~She's Always a Woman~
by: Billy Joel

Intro: D  Dsus  D  A  D  Dsus  D ~

       ~ A7          D
She can kill with a smile
         A7             D
She can wound with her eyes
         D7         G             D       G
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
         A7       D             A7          F#    
And she only reveals what she wants you to see
     Bm             Em
She hides like a child
           G        A7     D
But shes always a woman to me

         A7          D 
She can lead you to love
         A7            D
She can take you or leave you
         D7           G
She can ask for the truth
           D        G
But she'll never believe
          A7              D             A7         F#
And shell take what you give her, as long as its free
      Bm           Em
She steals like a thief
          G         A7      D   ~D7
But shes always a woman to me

Bm     E           E7          A     DM7
Ohhh..  she takes care of herself
                      G     Em
She can wait if she wants
       A7          D     D7
Shes ahead of her time

Dm7   G7                    C    Am
Ohhh.. and she never gives out
                    Bb    E
And she never gives in
            E7         A     A7
She just changes her mind

            A7         D
And she'll promise you more
            A7        D
Than the garden of eden
               D7        G
Then she'll carelessly cut you
       D               G
And laugh while you're bleedin'
            A7           D
But she'll bring out the best
          A7           F#
And the worst you can be
          Bm          Em
Blame it all on yourself
             G        A7      D
Cause shes always a woman to me

Humming Part: A7  D  A7  F#  Bm  Em  G  A7  D  ( D7 )

**Repeat Chorus

            A7      D
She is frequently kind
            A7       D   D7
And she's suddenly cruel
She can do as she pleases
       D        G
Shes nobody's fool
         A7          D
But she cant be convicted
        A7            F#
She's earned her degree
         Bm           Em
And the most she will do
           G          Bm
Is throw shadows at you
           G         A7     D
But shes always a woman to me

**Repeat Humming Part, end with D

~hope you enjoyed it! :D
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