Billy Joel - Great Suburban Showdown chords

G AmFlyin' east on a plane...
Bm/G CDrinkin' all that free champagne
G D C A DGuess I saw this comin' down the line...
G AmAnd I know it should be fun, but
Bm/G CI think I should have packed my gun,
G D CGot that old suburban showdown in my mind.
G Em - ----I've Been Gone for a while,
Bmmade some changes in my style
C G F - F7and they say you can't go home anymore...
EmWell the streets all look the same,
Bm E-E4 and I'll have to play the game
Am - Bm -We'll all sit around in the kitchen chairs
C - with the tv on
D - D4with the neighbors there...
G - Am - Bm/G - C G - D - C ------- -> A-D Out in the yard... Where my Dad works so hard He never lets the crab-grass grow too high Well the place hasn't changed and that's why I'm gonna feel so strange, but I've had to face the music, by and by... We'll fly into town, when this big-bird touches down... I'm only coming home to say godbye, Then I'm gone with the wind, and I won't be seen again... 'till that great suburban showdown in the sky.
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