Wheres The Orchestra chords with lyrics by Billy Joel - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Billy Joel – Wheres The Orchestra chords

                Where's the Orchestra? - Billy Joel
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

Billy Joel
Where's the Orchestra? (1982)
(Billy Joel)

From: "The Nylon Curtain"

Beautiful song but not easy ...
What I found out sounds alright to me.
Suggestions for improvements are highly welcome, though. 


*Am       0-1-2-x-x-x
*Am/G     0-1-0-x-x-x
*Am/F     0-1-2-3-x-x
E5+       0-1-1-2-x-x
Am7       3-1-2-2-0-x
Am6       2-1-2-2-0-x
E/G#      0-0-1-2-x-4
G6        0-0-0-0-2-3
E5+/G#   (0)1-1-2-x-4
Amaj7     0-2-1-2-0-x
Em7       0-3-0-2-2-0
G/A       x-3-4-5-0-x
C/B       0-1-0-x-2-x
Bm7b5 x-3-2-3-2-x
Cdim x-4-2-4-3-x
A/C# (0)2-2-2-4-xF#7sus 2-2-4-2-4-2
F#7 2-2-3-2-4-2 *G x-3-0-0-x-3 D/F# x-3-2-0-x-2 Dm/F x-3-2-0-x-1 E7 x-3-1-2-2-0 *A x-2-2-2-0-x G#m6 x-4-4-2-x-4 *Emaj7 x-4-4-2-x-0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Capo 3rd fret | C | G | *Am *Am/G *Am/F | E | E5+ |
AWhere's the orchestra?
Am Am7 Am6 E/G#Wasn't this supposed to be a musical?
G6 E5+/G# AHere I am in the balcony
Amaj7 E5+/G# Em7 G/AHow the hell could I have missed the overture?
Dmaj7 B7I like the scenery
Bm7 Dm E5+Even though I have absolutely no
AIdea at all
Am Am7 Am6 E/G#What is being said despite the dialogue
G6 E5+/G# AThere's the leading man
Amaj7 E5+/G# Em7 G/AThe movie star who never faced an audience
Dmaj7 B7Where's the orchestra?
Bm7After all
F G C C/BThis is my big night on the town
Am7 EmMy introduction to the theatre crowd
F Bm7b5I assumed that the show would have a song
E5+So I was wrong
AAt least I understand
Am Am7 Am6 E/G#All the innuendo and the irony
G6 E5+/G# AAnd I appreciate
Amaj7 E5+/G# Em7 G/AThe roles the actors played, the point the author made
Dmaj7 B7(no3rd)And after the closing lines
Cdim7 A/C# F#7sus F#7 And after the curtain calls
*G D/F#The curtain falls
Dm/F E7 [A]On empty chairs ... where's the orchestra?
OUTRO | *A | G#m6 | *A | G#m6 |
| *A | G#m6 *Emaj7 | *A | G#m6 *Emaj7 | *A | G#m6 *Emaj7 |[melody: Allentown] (repeat and fade)
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