Billy Joel – Miami 20 tab

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Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 01:06:32 EDT
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Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)
(c) 1976 by Billy Joel
Off the album "Turnstiles"
Transcribed by Neil Fein

This is how I play this on guitar. If anyone has a better way to
play this, please let me know! , because this one's a
pain to play. (Sounds nice when you do it right, though...)

Intro (also the fadeout)

Let bass notes ring. The first note's a harmonic because you'll
have to slide up a bit. Practice it slow; this has to be perfect
to sound good. To perform it I have to rehearse it for several days
before the gig or I get rusty.

I use a clean sound with a touch of chorus, just a hint.

Legal, this is what I, Neil Fein, heard on the record.

----------10-14-15-14-------17- ----12---12-10---12-|-------10-------------15------- --------------------|--[12]-------------------14---- --9----9-------9----|------------------------------- -10-----------------|------------------------------- --------------------|------------------------------- --------------------|
----12-------12-------12- -12-------12-------12----|-------15-------15------- ----15-------15-------15-|----------12-------12---- -------12-------12-------|------------------------- -------------------------|-14---------------------- -13----------------------|------------------------- -------------------------|
This part is more or less the same, but an octave down:
-------2-3-2-----5- ---0-----0-----0-|-----3-------3----- -----3-----3-----|---2-----------2--- -------0-----0---|-0----------------- -----------------|------------------- -3---------------|------------------- -----------------|
-----0-----0----- -0---------------|-3-----3-----3--- ---3-1-0---------|---0-----0-----0- ---------2-0-----|----------------- -------------4-2-|-2--------------- -1---------------|----------------- -----------------|
D G/D D G/D D A/C# Seen the lights go out on Broadway Bm G A Asus A G I saw the Empire State laid low D/F# G Gsus G And life went on beyond the Palisades A Asus A They all bought Cadillacs G A And left there long ago D G/D D G/D D A/C# They held a concert out in Brooklyn Bm G A Asus A G To watch the island bridges blow D/F# G They turned our power down D/A G/B And drove us underground A/C# G/B But we went right on with the show A/D D G/D D A/D D A D/A A (Repeat with same chords) I seen the lights go out on Broadway I saw the ruins at my feet You know we almost didn^?t notice it We seen it all the time On Forty-Second street They burned the churches up in Harlem Like in that Spanish civil war The flames were everywhere But no one really cared It always burned up there before I seen the lights go out on Broadway I watched the mighty skyline fall The boats were waiting at the battery The union went on strike They never sailed at all They sent a carrier out from Norfolk And picked the Yankees up for free They said that Queens could stay They blew the Bronx away And sank Manhattan out at sea You know those lights were bright on Broadway That was so many years ago Before we all lived here in Florida Before the Mafia Took over Mexico There are not many who remember They say a handful still survive To tell the world about The way the lights went out And keep the memory alive ("alive" is on a G/D chord, I play it X55433) (End with same as intro fingerstyle)
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