Billy Preston - Im Never Gonna Say Goodbye chords


Intro: C-G/C-F/C-Fm/C- (2X)

C G/C Somebody lied to me
F/C Fm/C C G/C-F/C-Fm/C It just can't be, you can’t be gone forever
C G/C Somebody got it wrong
F/C G/C Am You were gonna love me all my life
D/F# G E /G# Am Weren’t we good together? Now I'm on my own
D/F# G E/G# G#-Fm7 And I don't think I'll ever learn to live one day alone.
C pause Caug/E Fm7 G/F Em7 Am So/woh I'm never gonna say goodbye, say goodbye
Dm7 G7sus C9 It’s something I can't bring myself to do
C Caug/E break Caug/E Fm7 G/F ‘Cause as long as I don’t say goodbye
Em7 Am Dm7 G7sus adlib (Intro chords) Darling I know part of me will always be with you.
C G/C What am I gonna do?
F/C Fm/C C G/C F/C Fm/C Havin' you, is all I've ever wanted (wanted)
C G/C Where am I gonna go
F/C G/C Am To feel the way I felt inside your arms?
D/F# G E/G# Am Still my life is better, loving you as I do
D/F# G E/G# G#-Fm7 Thanks for being with me darling thanks for being you...
Repeat Chorus 3x--- C7sus-C#7sus ... you Coda: C#-G#/C#-F#/C#-F#m/C# (Repeat Coda Chords) with you
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