Billy Ray Cyrus – Somebody Said A Prayer tab

Left handed

e|-----------|h|-----------|g|-----------|d|-2-4-6-7-6-| /x2a|-----------|E|-----------|
C C 1.Just a single mom C F raisin up the kids Am F Little Tommy's seven now and her daughter Justine just turned ten Am F G Pinchin every cent laughin and lovin and content C You would never think C F a couple years ago Am she almost let her job, her kids, her mind, her life F go up in smoke Am right there on the edge F Am right before the fall Chorus: C Somebody said a prayer C Am somebody had some faith Am F G somebody finally hit their knees and asked for help for heavens sake Am somebody finally found G someone who really cares F G somebody said a prayer C 2.He was seventeen C F and his heart was broken Am F the middle of the night a bottle full of pills and a goodbye note Am F G Sittin on his bed but then he bowed his head C now I see him every week C F and every now and then Am F G he talks about that night and the peace that came over him Am talk about a sign Am F Can I get an amen Am F G well there were tears on his face he said "look what happened Lord!" Chorus.
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