Billy Ray Cyrus - One Last Thrill chords

Artist: Billy Ray Cyrus
Title: One Last Thrill
Album: Storm in the Heartland

Intro: A D A E A F# F# F# F# F# F#  E D, E F# E, D E F# E C# D
                 D              D             A              D 

Verse 1:
D So I'll be leavin' this house without you
GThat's the last thing I thought I'd ever do
DHow could we come so far and be so close
AAnd have such a distant point of view
DI won't stand here and cry over differences
GI won't say things I'll regret
DI'll be on my way with this broken heart
A G But the memories I'll caress
ADarlin', would you honor this last request
G Let's take one last drive just one last time
DAnd go up on ol' lovers hill
G Let's take one last look at those city lights
D ALike the first time we came up here and learned how to feel
GLet's take one last look at those stars that shine
D G I remember how it was still
D Then let me take one long lasting look at your face
A D Give me one last kiss, one last thrill
Verse 2: Then I'd be happy and I'd take you home You wouldn't even have to ask me in By then I'll be like a stranger baby But I'll walk you to the door like a gentleman And I'd drive away and I won't be back It doesn't matter which way I go I'll always be on a one - way street Always down a dead - end road I will always love you and that's all I know So... Chorus Repeat intro notes
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