Binocular - Dont Say Goodbye Say Goodnight tab

The chord progressions starts on a G#

Capo 1st fret (fcg#EbBbF)
intro/verse: G D-C
I lie awake and feel your nearness
I never wanted more than this
I don't wanna run beneath your tears
I don't wanna catch them when they're falling
coz it's the same old songs playing over and over

Now I lie upon my face
Though we try
I guess that's the way it's supposed to be

G               C           Am7
Don't say goodbye say goodnight
So it's not over
G            C
And if you try
             Am7              C
then answer why it's just over?
           G D-C  G D-C
It's goodbye

On standard tuning 
G# Eb C#

I use this chords for Eb and C#Ebe-3-----b-4-----g-3-----d-1-----
coda: Eb Fm C# now i lie...
C#(Bar) Chorus:Bar chords G# C# Bbm7 C# (2x) ---------------------------- alang magawa eh. brianrivera
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