Bipolar – Chemical Dream tab

Okay, So I couldn't find any tabs for this song and I learned this by ear so go a little
easy if there are mistakes :) But, this is a pretty easy song in this form and it might
not sound like the track version(which is played in Drop B and who wants to tune their 
guitar all the way down to that) lol, anyway, here it is! By the way- I don't have the
solo for this song and it's the Acoustic version.

Intro: Picking(Repeat x2) but continue after vertical line to end of 2nd time
playing(meaning skip the whole "8h9p8" stuff.)

Verse 1: Strumming(Just follow along with song. I can't really tab out strumming because I don't know how... xD
E------------|B------------|G------------|D--2-----4---|A--2-----4---|D--2-----4---|Easy right? Simple as that. It's just those two barred over and over again throughoutVerse 1.
Pre-Chorus: Build up strum this.(Basically, palm mute and strum down fast keeping rhythm. Strum keeping rhythm on the "2" part, Then build up strum on "4" but slowly.)
Chorus: strumming.
E-------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------|D--6--2--9--4---6--6666--8--8888--2--9--4---|A--6--2--9--4---6--6666--8--8888--2--9--4---|D--6--2--9--4---6--6666--8--8888--2--9--4---|[Repeat "Intro" right after this chorus]
Verse 2: Just repeat "Verse 1" (Repeat Chorus after "Verse 2") Solo: Rhythm-Strumming(Playing during solo)
Bridge: "Build up strum"(Palm Mute and strum down fast keeping rhythm) But, resume strumming on "6".
When he sings this, strum once down keeping rhythm on each chord. "Your Chemical Dreammmm..."E----------------------------------|B----------------------------------|G----------------------------------|D-----6----------4----------2------|A-----6----------4----------2------|D-----6----------4----------2------|(After the "2" continue strumming and repeat chorus from "2" on it, meaning resumechorus at "9")
Anyway, Repeat chorus twice after this^ and that's pretty much it. End with "Intro". If you need any help just message me on here or my Also, If enough people need help with this , I'll post a video on youtube of me playing this song. Anyway, thanks a lot! It's not a hard song to learn really if you've been playing for a long time. ^_^
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