Bipolar - As I Bleed tab

well this is my first tab so cut me some slack... 

hope its right ... please tell me if im wrong

have fun...

E E E E E E E E E E E E SSE E ED|------------------|---------------------|A|------------------|---------------------|F|------------------|---------------------|C|------------------|---------------------|G|-----9---9-10-----|-12-10-9-10-----9-10-|D|-0-0---0------0-0-|------------000------|
E E Q Q E E Q Q E E+QD|------------------|---------------------|A|------------------|---------------------|F|------------------|---------------------|C|------------------|---------------------|G|-----9---9--------|-9-----9----9-10*----|D|-0-0----------0-0-|---------------------|
E=eight note S=sixteenth note *=pinch/artificial harmonic malakian19
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