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Birds Of Tokyo – Circles tab

Circles - Birds of Tokyo. (Self Titled Album)

Tabbed by J.

This is my first upload :)
Really love this song, so thought i'd tab it out rather than leave as a note in my music book. (any comments/additions)

Intro, 1st & 2nd Verse. D F C Ge|----------------------------------------------|b|----------------------------------------------|g|----------------------------------------------|d|-------7----------5---------2----------8-(10)-|\ Picking between these for rhythm.a|---5----------8---------3---------10----------|/E|--(5)--------(8)-------(3)-------(10)---------|
Notes of E string help if your on your own, not essential. Listen to track for rhythm, these are just the shapes.
Added notes between 1st and 2nd verse. D F C Ge|----------------------------------------------|b|----------------------------------------------|g|----------------------------------------------|d|-------7-8-----3---5---------2-----------8-10-|a|---5-----------x---------3---------10---------|E|--(5)----------1--------(3)-------(10)--------|
Chours: D F C Ge|----------------------------------------------|b|----------------------------------------------|g|--------------1--------------------4--(5)-----|d|---7----------3---------5----------5----------| Palm Muted.a|---5----------3---------3----------5----------|E|---5----------1---------3----------3----------|
Solo and Verse 3.
D C G Ge|-------------------------------------|b|-------------------------------------|g|----------------------4--------4-----|d|---7-------5----------5--------5-----|a|---5-------3----------5--------3-----|E|---5-------3----------3--------3-----|
D C C(8th) Ge|---------------------------------|b|---------------------------------|g|------------------7--------4-----|d|---7-------5------10-------5-----|a|---5-------3------10-------3-----| E|---0-------0------8--------3-----|Not sure of the third chord here, sounds close as a at 8th fret.
Intro: D/F/C/G (riff pattern) D F C I'm being followed by my shadow; he's been creeping around, G asking where I've been D F C He keeps tapping on my shoulder, telling me its over, G so where do I begin? (riff pattern with extra notes) D F C These dark days are getting harder, I feel I'm treading water, G so will sink or swim? D F C Roll on, push a little further, I keep saying is this worth it, G D or should I just give in? I don't know.. D F C G (palm muted) I don't know which way I'm supposed to spin, in this circle And I won't waste my time on your concern, till its over Solo: D/C/G/G D C G G I look back on a distant border, I fear I'm getting older, There's so much that I missed Walk on following a faint line, see if I can define, where I came undone D F C G (palm muted) I don't know which way I'm supposed to spin, in this circle And I won't waste my time on your concern,till it's over D F C G And I will wait my turn, my time will come, This ain't over And I can't wait no more, no sweet return, This is over D C C(8th) G So it is - No sweet return, So it is - No sweet return So it is - No sweet return, So it is - No sweet return This is over.... D/F/C/G similar to into riff pattern.Finish with D chord.
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