Bishop Allen - Shrinking Violet chords

there are barely any bishop allen tabs anywhere, so i decided i'd learn tham and make my 
this is a pretty easy song and its very awesome so here you go.

G E*Oh my shrinking violets,
D GI left my Basket of inpatients at your door.
G E*I bought my tulips for your two lips,
D Gbut the bulb don't burn anymore.
E* GAin't it a shame just how much rain we got?
E* GThe April showers blot out the sun
E* GSo much dear that your roots still rot
E* D GAnd we're waiting til the kingdom come.
Verse Oh, my shrinking violet I left my basket of impatience at your door I brought my tulips for your two lips But, the bulb don't burn anymore Chorus The night chain rain will fall on us The daffodil's struck down But, in the morning, glorious I will wait until the kingdom come
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