Bishop Allen - Like Castanets chords

Like Castanets
Bishop Allen
The Broken String

A fun, easy song.  No capo, comment with corrections, done by ear.

FThis city is silver in the moon
AmAnd mountains heaped with sugar spoons
DmThe click and clatter of my feet
Bb CAlong the crooked cobbled streets
FLike castanets
FDown past the window shuttered tight
AmThe hollow of a haunted night
DmIt's raining now out on the beach
Bb CThe chitter chatter of my teeth
FLike castanets
FI'm following the coffee trail
AmAnd drink it black and by the bail
DmThe pesos turn to paper cups
Bb CMy fingers tremble at the touch
FLike castanets
Dm, C, F, G, E, G, F, G, C, Bb, C, F
CAcross the Mapocho
FSanta Lucia
CBarrio Bella vista
FSan Cristobal
CAcross the Mapocho
FLa Moneda
C CLa Casa de Neruda
FAnd on the cable car I climb
AmUp to the sacred virgin shrine
DmThis city's smothered in the smog
Bb CThe snippy snap of wild dogs
FLike Castanets
FTomorrow is Assumption Day
AmI ask just what they celebrate
DmDaniello says he can't explain
Bb CBut he'll be clappin' anyway
FLike Castanets
F, Am, Dm, Bb, C, F x2 Ohh...Like Castanets
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